Customer Service

Customer service or people skills are a top priority for employers and these are all based around communication; the ability to listen, engage, be patient, be positive, empathise with the people around you and read people effectively in person and online.

Young people also need to be able to handle surprises, sense a customer or colleague’s mood and adapt accordingly. They need to be emotionally resilient to accept blame or negative feedback at times and this is a continuous learning process that can’t easily be taught in a school environment.

Listening, patience and empathy are areas which don't come easily to some young people especially those on the autistic spectrum and they will be at a disadvantage as a result. 

Positivity and confident communication might be difficult for young people who are struggling with mental health problems. Other young people might just simply lack experience of operating out in the real world where such skills become a way of life and can be naturally learned.

#Focus5 helps build customer service skills by teaching young people strategies and finding opportunities for them to practice them with others in a professional setting.