Problem Solving

Problem solving is a skill that applies to the workplace and higher education and whilst everyone is tasked with some form of problem solving in their lives not everyone is good at it.

There is a suggested four step process to problem solving. Firstly defining the problem, then brainstorming alternatives, choosing the best strategy, and implementing a solution. However to do this effectively other skills are needed.

For example young people need strong observational skills, lateral thinking, and analytical abilities to define the problem. As they brainstorm potential solutions to an issue, they need persistence and flexibility. Finding the right approach to the issue might not come easily so innovative thinking and confident decision making is also crucial. Implementing a solution takes other skills such as leadership and teamwork, communication and negotiation.

Unless young people have been actively engaged in collaborative activities at school or at home that demand the development of problem solving skills, it is likely that for much of their lives their parents or teachers will have been the provider of the solutions.

#Focus5 helps with problem solving by discussing issues with young people and empowering them to find their own solutions.