• Before starting #Focus5 I didn't feel very confident in life, I didn't know how to get a job, I didn't feel motivated and wasn't sure what I wanted to do.  I didn't feel in control of my life and felt depressed.
    #Focus5 has helped me gain confidence, direction in my life and I feel fully prepared in seeking work and being ready for interviews.  I hope to start a job soon. I feel in control of my life and where it's going and am able to make confident decisions.
    #Focus5 Young Person
  • Since I started on #Focus5 six months ago, I've improved my confidence.  As part of that, I feel a lot more happy talking to people and so my communication skills have also improved a lot.  I'm now able to talk to new people and hold conversations with them, when previously I would struggle.
    I've also been able to take public transport through being on #Focus5.  Not being able to get around before was a big barrier for me, so being supported to get more confidence on public transport has really helped. I'm now back in education after a long break and really enjoy it, which is thanks to #Focus5 helping me move forward.  I'm now hoping to go to college or Uni to continue my education.
    #Focus5 Young Person
  • Thank you so much for all of the help and support you have given X, you have gone above and beyond with him and the difference in him is wonderful.
    Sarah Abbott, Employer Liaison Officer, Paignton Sec College
  • Thanks so much Paul! I must tell you, my partner heard B on the phone to a friend last night discussing her work with you, and my partner said this is the most motivated he’s heard B in a very longtime! B was raving about you! Most importantly she finally sees the path we are guiding her to choose and us ALL working collaboratively will help her to achieve the independent, successful life that she wants and deserves for herself. We’re so happy with this opportunity to work with you has come at the perfect time for our B and we’re ecstatic she has been blessed with such an inspiring key worker! 


    Mother of #Focus5 Young Person